The Best Free Figma Icons

Awesome figma icons, available for free!

Uxcel Figma Icon Set

Includes over 500 free Figma icons that span a variety of categories like colorful company logos to play buttons, to gamification icons.

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Icon Finder

Icon Finder offers a large collection of free icons that can be downloaded as SVGs and then imported into Figma.

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Google Material Icons

Google has recently released their official Material Design icon stickersheet for Figma! Check it out for a robust icon set maintained by the Google Fonts team for free.

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Icon Monstr

Icon Monstr has over 4500 icons available for free download as SVG files which can easily be imported into Figma. Just beware of their Usage and License agreement before downloading.

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Flat Icon

A collection of over 10 million icons available in SVG format. Some are free, most are paid however.

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Feather Icons

Feather offers a collection of beautifully simple and customizable open-source icons. These can be downloaded as SVGs and used in Figma.

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