Figma Icon Packs

The Perfect Figma Icon Bundles

Traveler's Companion

This pack is your perfect on-the-go friend for all your design needs related to travel and tourism. It includes everything from airplanes, luggage, and passports, to landmarks, food, and accommodation icons. Perfect for apps, websites, or designs related to travel and exploration.

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Workaholics is a comprehensive icon pack dedicated to the world of work and business. Icons include office supplies, charts, business people, office furniture, and digital work tools. Ideal for professional presentations, business websites, or productivity apps.

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Media Frenzy

Media Frenzy is a dynamic and modern icon pack that encapsulates everything related to media and entertainment. Icons cover music, film, television, art, and social media, great for use in any entertainment application or media-centered web design.

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Healthy Life

This pack is tailored for the health-conscious designer. The Healthy Life pack includes icons related to fitness, nutrition, wellness, and health care. Ideal for health apps, fitness guides, or wellness website designs.

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The E-Commerce pack offers a collection of all the icons you would need for your e-commerce projects, including shopping carts, credit cards, delivery, sales, and customer service. It's an ideal pack for online retail websites or shopping apps.

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The Education pack is your go-to for any education-related designs. Icons include school supplies, academic subjects, online learning tools, and graduation symbols. Perfect for educational institutions, online learning platforms, or education-related presentations.

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